What makes a good recruitment website?

If you’re thinking about building a new recruitment website there are a number of factors you should take into account. Any good recruitment website should be the online face of your company and represent its core values. It should also be optimised for candidate conversion, getting you the applications you need.

We list the most important factors you should consider when thinking about your new recruitment website design:

Responsive Design

With over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, websites are increasingly viewed on smaller screens. Jobseekers are often on the go, commuting to and from their current jobs, and it is therefore imperative that your recruitment website is both responsive and viewable on portable devices.

Reassure with reviews

When job seekers visit your website, they’ll make a judgement about your company and if you’re the best fit for their needs. When trying to make a decision regarding whether to use your site or not, they’ll want to know about other jobseekers’ experiences with your company. Testimonials and reviews are the reflections of happy candidates and clients.

When you ask for a testimonial, ask candidates about their experience with your company, why they decided to apply for that job and how smooth the recruitment process was. Ask your clients for some honest feedback about how your recruitment agency is helping them with their recruitment needs and why they would recommend you to other companies.

Simple and advanced job search functionality

The primary reason for a jobseeker to visit a recruitment website is in the search for jobs. Your website should make their job search simple and quick by featuring a highly visible and intuitive search bar on your website. It’s also vital to allow job seekers the ability to further refine their job search. Think about including extra fields that help them fine-tune their results. Include fields such as job categories, salary ranges or locations to give users as many options as possible when searching.

Blog or news content

If your recruitment content strategy is based solely on posting jobs to your website you should consider expanding this with insightful content such as blogs and news articles. Focusing on regular, good quality content, should keep your audience coming back to the site. Blogs and new content can boost your SEO if this content is optimised with the right keywords.

Strong approach to SEO

Any website should be easily searchable on search engines. However, it is not enough for your website to be found, it is also vital that the right people find it. Find an approach to SEO that works, including using keywords effectively, considering links and getting headers and meta descriptions right.

Good presentation

A strong overall presentation will help to ensure people return to your website again and again. It will also encourage them to stick around when they first arrive. It’s easy for people to take a look at your site and leave quickly if they don’t like what they see so that is what you need to try to avoid.

Calls to action

Finally, you need to think about calls to action. Make it clear what you want the user to do when they’re on your pages. That way, you can achieve the outcomes you’re aiming for and it will help make things clearer to the people visiting your site.

Implement as many of these features as possible when you create a recruitment website of your own and you will be well on your way to attracting top talent.

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