How to use content to connect with candidates

We all know that we are living through extremely tough times. And for candidates it is a particularly tough and often lonely time. Whether they’ve found themselves out of work because of coronavirus or were looking for a job when the pandemic struck, the situation can feel bleak. The number of vacancies is diminishing and at the same time the candidate pool is getting steadily larger. Add to that the fact that they are unable to meet face to face with recruiters or potential employers. It can feel incredibly isolating. One way that recruiters can help is to reach out via blogs and news articles. Posting relevant and helpful content on your recruitment website and sharing on your social media platforms is a great way to connect with candidates. 

Content is key when it comes to websites. It should project the very best of your company, especially at a time when your office is shut and you cannot meet candidates or clients face-to-face. Posting fresh content on your website is also advisable for many reasons. It helps to boost your ranking on search engines (especially if you include relevant keywords). It enables you to reach out to a wider pool of candidates. And, in these challenging times of minimal social contact, gives you a platform from which to talk to jobseekers who need help and assurance. When we begin to emerge from this it will be the businesses that went the extra mile that people will return to. Connect with candidates now and you will be remembered for all the right reasons.   

Whilst business is slower, use any extra time you may have to create content that will draw candidates to you. Don’t forget that most of the population has time on their hands now. Just as you have more time to write it, candidates will have more time to read it. Utilise content to drive candidates to your website and help to build trust and rapport before they talk to anyone from your company. A good content strategy helps. The aim is to lead candidates to your recruitment funnel by building brand awareness, sparking interest and, ultimately, inspiring them to take action and apply.

Align your content strategy with what candidates want to know and hear about right now. Think careers advice, help with CV creation, tips on how to navigate the hiring process during lockdown (for example, video interview techniques), anything that might help and guide candidates now and in the future. The most common way to present this is in a blog format but you could create case studies, a regular podcast, quizzes or videos. It’s a good idea to increase your interactive content because recent trends indicate that video content has more impact. A steadily increasing number of people are viewing online videos and TikTok is fast becoming a cultural phenomenon. An IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) report predicted that interactive content would be among 2020’s top marketing trends. Regardless of the medium, the content theme must remain consistent with your overall talent strategy. 

When it comes to tone, conveying authenticity will help to put candidates at ease. This is especially true at a time when candidates can’t meet you or potential employers face to face. A ‘friendly expert’ style of writing will reassure candidates that you are professional and knowledgeable, yet human and approachable. Being authentic in your content bolsters and comforts jobseekers. This creates brand trust and the tentative beginnings of early relationships between recruiter and candidate. 

Don’t just publish quality content on your recruitment website. Make the most of that content by publishing it on other channels that will reach your target candidates. A niche discussion forum, YouTube, social media sites or influencer marketing are all platforms that could find your target candidates and drive them to your talent pool. Use analytics to determine the platforms that attract the most traffic and then develop an ideal mix to distribute your content to. Establishing contact with your target candidates is your first step. It is then vital to continue to nurture those relationships by delivering a targeted, personalised candidate experience. 

What is important to always remember is the central tenant of adding value. Keep the content valuable, consistent and compelling. That way you’ll not only reach candidates but engage them. You’ll instil in them a trust in you to connect them with the right opportunities at a time when it is most needed.

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