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We are a specialist website development company that builds professional recruitment websites.

A well-designed website, powered with recruitment features and functionalities, can be the difference between a candidate deciding to apply for a job or choosing to click away onto a competitor’s website.

That’s why our recruitment website design services are designed to ensure your candidate attraction strategies get the best possible results.

A stand-out website will help you attract both candidates and clients, plus showcase your brand.

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Why use RecWebs?

We are experts in recruitment website design. RecWebs is built with recruiting features and functionalities at its core to provide you with an online source of attracting the right traffic and converting visits into applications.

  • Advanced Job Listing allows candidates to find their perfect job with ease. Advanced job filters, job maps, job alerts and optimisation helps to create a positive candidate experience from the very start.
  • Advanced Recruitment SEO helps your staffing website to climb to the top of the search engines – and stay there.
  • CRM & multi-poster integrations will power your job adverts and allow you to gain insight into your ROI with detailed analytics.
  • Candidate Management makes it easier for candidates to apply for your jobs and enables you to manage them more effectively.

About RecWebs
  • They made what would normally be a painful experience, pain-free, by responding quickly to requests and amendments, providing useful suggestions, and communicating with us well and regularly on progress.


  • They were very easy to work with, understood the brief and even when we needed to make last minute or additional changes outside of the brief, they were very happy to accommodate us. Very knowledgeable team and offered great insight and advice.

    Entech Technical Solutions

  • RecWebs did it better than bespoke options. It was easyto look at what we needed, the price point was good,the job search is brilliant, the service was great.

    Philosophy Education

  • Second to none, could not recommend them highly enough. Extremely efficient. Our point of contact kept us informed of the process and responded quickly to any queries we had.

    Goldhawk Associates

  • They were able to support us with our website and transition perfectly, and really appreciate their speed and responsiveness to any queries. I would highly recommend.