Advanced Jobs Listing

Accurately advertise your jobs with advanced job listing features

Your recruitment website’s job page is one of its most important. In order to attract the right kind of traffic, your vacancies must be efficiently advertised. To do that your jobs page needs to be built with a range of job listing features, including optimised job listings, advanced search and filtering, a job map, and the ability for candidates to create job alerts.

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Optimised job listing

All jobs listed on your website will display the job description, job meta data and company information in a clean format so that they are easy for candidates to read and understand exactly what each entails. This also makes it easier for them to be found by Google for Jobs and other search engines.

Advanced search and filtering

Advanced job filters make it easier for candidates to find relevant jobs by filtering by location or postcode, job type, category, salary/rate, keyword or tag.

Display jobs on a map

Our Google Maps API integration allows your jobs to be displayed on a Google map format so that they can be searched for by radius based on location. The feature also has an auto address suggestion for both location and address fields.

Job alerts

With our job alert function, candidates can arrange for job alerts that match their search criteria to be automatically sent straight to their inbox.

Bookmark Jobs

Our websites have a built-in bookmarking system that makes it possible for candidates to bookmark jobs and add a note, allowing candidates to keep track of jobs.

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