WaveTrackR report reveals rise in recruiters posting jobs to their websites

Job boards are an intrinsic part of any recruiter’s talent strategy but to build a sustainable and robust talent acquisition model it is imperative to also utilise your own recruitment website design for posting jobs.

And it seems a growing number of recruiters are realising the huge benefits of using a purpose-built website integrated with recruitment features and functionalities to post jobs and attract talent. WaveTrackR’s Recruitment Trends: Lockdown Report revealed that 22% of all jobs were posted to recruitment websites in 2020, an increase of 7% from 2019. The reasons for fully utilising your recruitment website are manifold.

We look into the many benefits of posting jobs on your website and making it a vital part of your strategy to recruit top talent.

Graph for distribution by channel for job posting and applications on job boards, websites and social media
Distribution of jobs & Applications by Channel – WaveTrackR Annual Report 2021

You control the process

With your own website you can ensure that the entire process is streamlined from beginning to end. You know that the candidate journey will be faultless from the start and that the experience will be a positive one. Rely on an external application process and you have no control over that critical initial stage, whereby a candidate could just give up and move on. Built well, your own jobs page will be mobile friendly and set candidates up on a smooth journey right from the start.

You also control the traffic

The big job boards give you access to a database of millions of CVs but you have no control over the quality of these CVs. Finding the right talent can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. So long as you are marketing your website in the right way and wording your job ads well, the incoming traffic to your website should be more targeted. You are in effect attracting, nurturing and eventually hiring the best talent out there via your website, your candidate journey. That is recruitment marketing at its best. There will likely be less candidates applying for jobs but they should be a better fit. Your recruitment website gives you quality over quantity.

Brand building

Your recruitment website is far more than a jobs portal. It is a vessel through which you can showcase your brand, project your USP and prove to clients and candidates that you are experts in your field. Executed well, you should be attracting candidates who find your website through a Google search of recruiters in their industry or location. A blog page on which you publish relevant, interesting, useful content is another way candidates (both passive and active) will find you, this time with the knowledge that you know your industry inside and out. When candidates view your jobs with a preconceived idea of your knowledge and expertise, they are more likely to apply.

Internal talent pool creation

When you post a job on a job board and a candidate applies through that job board, their CV will be registered on the job board’s database which can be accessed by anyone. However, candidates coming to your site organically and registering with their CVs allows you to build an internal talent pool that gives you an advantage over the competition. Curating your own database of high-quality CVs will reduce cost and time per hire and is a great marketing tool when prospecting potential clients. 

There is no doubt that job boards can and should still form a vital part of your recruitment strategy and, hosting 76% of all jobs posted, they aren’t going away any time soon. However, the use of the word ‘part’ is important here. Put all your eggs in one basket and you won’t be attracting consistently top talent. Your recruitment marketing plan should cover every opportunity to widen your funnel, via job boards, social media and posting jobs on your recruitment website.

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