How to repurpose your content for social media

You’ve taken the time to craft quality content on your recruitment website. You’ve researched, written, proofread, sourced images, perhaps even added video. It’s a great article and you’re proud of it. You publish it and hope that it gets a good response. Better yet, that it produces leads which then convert to new clients or applications.

Sometimes that doesn’t happen – even the best content can get lost in the noise of a million other blog articles – but whether your article made a splash or not, it’s always a good idea to repurpose your content for social media. Make it work hard for you and you can gain great leverage from one piece of content.

Why repurpose your content?

Aside from repurposing being a time saver and an efficient way to use what you already have, it can breathe new life into your content. You can create something new, fresh and engaging from existing material and prolong its life. Reframing it for social media will also mean you reach a whole new audience who may have missed it in its original format. We all absorb information in different ways so reformatting content into different mediums will enable a wider range of people to find and digest it. It also reinforces your brand’s messaging and boosts the content’s SEO, plus you can drive traffic to the original blog on your website by linking your posts on social media to it. 

Infographic with 9 ways to repurpose content into social media content
9 ways you can repurpose your content for social media

9 ways you can repurpose your content for social media


Social media is the perfect platform for infographics, which turn your blog into a visual medium and pulls out salient stats and figures. Infographics are a great way to easily explain a more complicated topic as they communicate the information quickly and clearly with minimal text, instead using images and charts.

Tweet threads

Blog articles packed full of statistics or quotes also make great Twitter content. Pull out the best parts and present them as a series of tweets, always linking back to the original content. 


Produced a report, a longer blog or a list-type article? These are perfect social media fodder when broken down into a series of posts. Take the most important points, create their own posts and expand them. Alternatively simply post the point – a standalone context can lend it more power. 


Take a popular blog and turn it into a podcast. This gives people the opportunity to listen rather than read, which is often exactly what we want after staring at a screen for hours. People can then tune in on the way back from the school run, on a lunchtime walk, on the commute, whilst making dinner, in the bath, during a run – it opens up the opportunities for engagement. Take your blog and turn it into a discussion, you could even ask colleagues, clients or candidates to weigh in. This way you’re transforming your original content into a new format, adding something extra and widening your reach.

Image + quote

Take a great quote from a blog or an interview and add it to one of your images to create something new in a bitesize format. You could do a series of these or create a carousel. This works for all social media platforms but is a great way to utilise Instagram. The quote can be informative, inspirational, humorous, anything that connects with your audience. 

Webinar to video

If you host webinars you can repurpose these into short video clips to post on social media, linking viewers back to the webinar to increase your reach and grow your audience for your next webinar.

Engage with a question

Take a question asked at the end of a blog or a point raised within the main body and ask it on social media. Use it as the basis for a discussion with and between your audience. Make sure it is thought-provoking, something that prompts discussion and/or debate. 

Testimonials on social

It’s not just articles you can repurpose. Testimonials are powerful forms of social proofing and should therefore be shared on social media as well as your website. Show the world the positive experiences clients and candidates have had with your agency.

Throwback posts

Looking back on old blogs can be a great way to repurpose content that isn’t evergreen. Wrote a blog about a lack of candidates back in 2019? That makes a great way to kickstart a thread about a saturated market and the importance of standing out. Won an award? Share a throwback post about opening your first office. Use old content as a starting point to create new content.

Your time is incredibly valuable. Repurposing content to re-use on social media reduces your workload and can make the most of the content you worked so hard on. Don’t publish and forget; revisit quality content and reformat it to reach untapped audiences, save time and fully capitalise on the great content that you created.

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