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How to drive traffic to your recruitment website

Do you want to drive more traffic to your recruitment website but feel unsure where to start? You are certainly not alone. According to 2018 research, there are close to 40,000 registered recruitment agencies in the UK so how do you increase traffic to your recruitment website in such a crowded arena?

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that the larger agencies with massive digital marketing budgets will have the upper hand, but that doesn’t mean that smaller recruitment agencies can’t rank well too. All it takes is a good website, a smart brand strategy, and ensuring your content is always fresh and relevant. If you don’t have a recruitment website yet, or if your website is rather tired and outdated, start by partnering with a reputable recruitment website development company.

Here are our top tips for driving more traffic to your website

  1. Nail the right recruitment website design

    The design of your website will dictate how successful it will be. A recruitment website must appeal to two totally different markets: job seekers, who are effectively the public, and employers in the business sector. That can pose unique challenges, so it’s essential that you work with a design company that understands the recruitment industry. Also, your site must be mobile optimised. Apart from the fact that Google favours mobile design, mobile internet usage is soaring. Statistics show that 86% of jobseekers use a smartphone to search for jobs.

  2. Know your market

    Your site must suit your market – both clients and candidates. If you recruit in a specific industry, make sure that your site design and content will draw, and hold the attention of, the people you want to attract. If you post irrelevant content, you’ll lose followers.

  3. Select online platforms carefully

    You won’t drive much traffic to your recruitment website if you ignore social media. But there’s a catch: you have to have a social media strategy, and you must select platforms carefully. In recruitment social media, less is more. Choose social media platforms that your clients and candidates are likely to visit and promote your brand there. Post quality and informative content and not just job openings. If you share value-add information, your clients will view you as professional, and blogs will help you to attract more talent.

  4. Be smart with keywords

    Getting SEO right is tricky and Google changes their algorithms quite often. It’s best to get help from digital marketing experts who will also provide accurate data and analytics so that you can track and optimise your site. One thing to be avoided is keyword stuffing. Instead, use long-tailed keywords in your blog posts and content as they will be picked up by Google’s website crawlers and your ranking will improve.

  5. Be innovative and creative

    Although you want to follow the concepts of the best-recruiting websites, you don’t want to blend into the crowd and disappear in the milieu. Be creative when it comes to posting social media and web content. You don’t want to project a cold and disconnected business image. Always promote your brand honestly and with approachability so that your market identifies with you. Share photos or videos of your employees, your offices and events; be real!

  6. Learn from the best

    There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to developing an excellent digital marketing strategy. With so many recruitment agencies online locally and globally, you can research the top ranking sites and see what they’re doing right. Learn to keep your finger on the pulse of recruitment trends so that you know how the landscape is evolving.

See what the best web recruitment sites look like, get tips and make notes (without plagiarising content!). Look for websites that are reader and user-friendly, post engaging content, have a layout and design that appeals to their market, and a look and feel that projects who and what they are. Then devise a strategy that suits your business model and projects your agency culture and values.

Everything starts with a few first steps, so don’t rush in and spend a lot of money in the hope of building a robust online presence overnight. Rather, start small with a good quality website, partner with marketing experts in the recruitment industry, grow your knowledge and dedicate some time to digital marketing every day. Building an online presence is a process, but with consistent attention your agency can easily have one of the top recruitment websites in no time.

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