Why creating killer copy is crucial for a recruitment website

Your recruitment website is a virtual representation of your company – who you are, what you represent, what you can offer. It is your online ID. It is therefore vitally important that you are projecting the very best version of your recruitment company, creating trust, brand awareness, and a space that visitors want to return to. This is even more important during these challenging times when you cannot meet candidates or clients face to face and you can’t show them around your office or introduce them to your recruiters. Your website now has to work even harder for you and killer copy is a crucial part of that.   

Carefully crafted website copy

Your copy must be flawless, with perfect grammar, spellings and structure. It all points to attention to detail. If you haven’t spotted a typo on your homepage, a client or candidate might wonder what you could miss or overlook when working with them. Error-free copy helps to build brand trust and it projects a professionalism that is key when trying to win business and attract talent. It’s also important that keywords are added seamlessly to your content. Keywords are essential for SEO reasons, helping users find your website, but don’t just throw them in randomly, make sure they fit into the flow of your copy or it will be a clunky read.   

Essential information

The first thing you need to ensure when approaching written content on your website is that crucial information is clearly communicated and highly visible. It’s no good having beautifully written recruitment website copy if vital information such as the industries you represent, the types of roles you offer, how to find your jobs page, how to contact the company, and so on, is not made obvious. This includes calls to action and relevant links to other sections of your website – every page should have one so the visitor takes the path through your website that you want them to and the user journey is easy. 

Relevant, interesting, fresh content

Consider dedicating a page to blog articles where you can share relevant industry content. This can take the form of a news article, a thought piece, or advice. You could also link to blogs and news articles on other, trustworthy industry sites. What’s important is that you frequently update and refresh your content, not just to keep people coming back and interested (though that is important too) but to keep Google happy. Fresh content is favoured by Google so is great for SEO, pushing your site further up the rankings. On the flip side, Google punishes plagiarism so don’t be tempted to merely re-use old content without repurposing it or use stock copy. 

Invite people in

People want to see the human side of companies so invite them to meet the team and your office – even if none of you are there right now! Include a ‘Meet the Team’ page and perhaps even share their stories, their likes and dislikes, interesting facts, etc. Make the copy light-hearted, make it personal, make your recruitment company and its people seem personable and approachable. Again, showing a human side to your company is even more important at a time when we are all confined to our homes and unable to meet anyone face to face or visit an office. 

Don’t forget job descriptions

Killer recruitment website copy should extend to your job postings too. Written well, job adverts will attract the right candidates, helping you to recruit more efficiently, as well as promote the company being advertised as a great place to work. Keep the job title simple and key-word-focused so that jobseekers find it when searching but try to connect with candidates in the main body of the description. Paint a picture of what it’s like to work there, both to emphasise the benefits but also to give the jobseeker an idea of whether they would be the right fit. Include all the essentials but don’t make it too long, around 200-300 words is the preferred average length for job adverts according to WaveTrackR data.   

Content is key. Whether you use a professional copywriting service or craft it yourself, use your recruitment website copy to project the very best of you. Often your recruitment website is the first a candidate or potential client will see of you and first impressions count. Ensure your copy makes sense, is error-free and that it sells your company to all who view your website. 

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