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Why all recruitment websites should have a Meet the Team page

Recruitment is a people-powered business. Essentially, it centres around people finding people for people. It is therefore vital that your recruitment website – your primary marketing platform – has a ‘Meet the Team’ page so that clients and candidates can see your people.

It makes you more approachable, instils trust and gives your company an accessible face. After visiting a Meet the Team page, visitors should come away with a good idea of who you are as a company and who they could be working with. This is a chance to sell your biggest asset – your team. 

It makes you more approachable

Websites are an incredible way to reach out to clients and candidates and market your business 24/7. However, they are also a collection of pages made up of various elements amongst over 1.5 billion websites – they are not an office full of smiling people. To counter that, you need to inject humanity into your website to add personality and make your company more approachable. Quality photos of each team member will immediately create a connection. Adding a snapshot of each team member’s life can add to that approachability, for example, “In her spare time Sarah is a brownie baking legend.”  

It showcases your talent

Ultimately, both potential clients and candidates will want to know who they may be working with and what skills they offer. Photos of your team will make them more approachable but adding brief background information and their skillsets will prove that they have the talent to help the visitor fulfil their needs. Show your team off, let every visitor know what great people you have working at your agency and prove why you are right for them. 

It instils trust

Being able to see and read about the people that work within a business provides transparency, which is especially important at that first point of contact when a visitor won’t have step foot in a bricks and mortar office nor met or perhaps even spoken to a real human team member! With a better understanding of who they will be interacting with, a trust signal is sent out to potential clients and candidates.

It builds relationships

Nurturing and maintaining relationships with clients and candidates is an essential part of a recruiter’s job and a Meet the Team page can be the first step in that relationship. It establishes an early connection and is how they can engage with you before they’ve even picked up a phone, sent an email or filled out a contact form. It’s a way your team can reach out beyond the screen and build that crucial foundation upon which relationships are grown.

It makes you memorable

Every recruitment business wants to stand out from its competitors. Put a face to a name and you will instantly become more memorable. This also helps with branding. Your team should help to express your company’s identity, which helps solidify your brand. Words can be hard to remember; people can be hard to forget. 

So what should I include?

There are myriad ways in which you could display your team but quality photos, job titles, brief bios and social media links are common. Some websites get creative and use avatars or cartoons of their team members, others use animated photos or videos. What you include will really depend on the industry in which you specialise. Corporate industries require a more professional tone, whilst you could probably get away with more if you work in a creative industry. Be yourselves – don’t insist on suits for photos if your team usually wears jeans and if you’re a corporate company don’t get everyone to pull out their hoodies when they are usually dressed more formally. Again, your Meet the Team page is a way to demonstrate how you work and who you are.

When a potential candidate or client clicks onto your website, they’ll likely want to find out what you do, who you do it for and then who you are. Your Meet the Team page will facilitate the latter. Don’t hide behind your website, put your people front and centre and let them shine. You’ll instantly be more approachable, build early relationships, engage visitors and showcase your best asset – your team.

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