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Why a pay monthly website could be the best option for you

You need a recruitment website but don’t have the time to maintain it. Who does? You’re a busy recruitment agency and keeping up with updates and technical issues on your website is way down your list of priorities.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t recognise its importance or want the reassurance that you will have ongoing website support, updates, security and regular studio time to make changes. If this sounds like you, a pay monthly website could be the perfect solution. A professionally designed website tailored to your recruitment needs with ongoing support, security and maintenance after the build is complete. The perfect, hassle-free, peace of mind solution.   

Tailored customer support

With a pay monthly website, you’re not left with a fancy website but no ongoing support. You’ll get the reassurance that should anything go wrong, there will a dedicated customer support manager to get you back online pronto. The benefits of having quality tech support to hand cannot be underestimated in an age when being down for any period of time can have serious consequences.

Updates and security checks

The pandemic has fast-tracked digital onboarding and with increased digital use comes increased security threats. Cybersecurity is more important now than ever before. With a pay monthly service the tech team will perform regular updates and security checks to ensure your website is protected.

Website changes

Your website should never be a static entity. Your business is an ever-evolving organism and your website needs to change with it. In order to communicate with your users, keep Google happy and keep up with business developments, you will need to make changes to your website. With a pay monthly website, you can use allocated studio time to request new pages, fresh content, the amendment of existing content, image changes – anything you might need on a monthly basis. If you want the ability to manage your own content and pages, make sure the service you choose allows you to access the platform too – with that you get the best of both worlds.  

Ongoing analytics

Tracking website traffic and job performance can help you to make better, more informed business decisions. It’s a no-brainer. With Google Analytics integrated onto your site, linked to a live analytics board, you can gain access into user behaviour. How are visitors finding your site? Are they following the user journey? How long are they spending viewing content and what pages are they looking at? At what point are users dropping off? How many showed interest in a job but didn’t complete the application form? Is your loading speed too slow and therefore putting people off? Google Analytics can help you to identify ways in which you can improve your website, make more conversions and, ultimately, boost profits.   

A pay monthly website gives you a tailored site with ongoing support and security. As a busy recruitment agency, finding the time to dedicate to your website will always be a struggle. Pay monthly websites allow you to focus on running your business while a team of technical support, designers and developers keep your website up and running, looking its best, and performing perfectly.  

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