Web performance is not just about moving static files closer to visitors, it’s also about ensuring that every page renders as fast and efficiently as possible from whatever device a visitor is surfing from. Recwebs website are optimised for speed with advanced features that take performance to the next level.

Optimization Features

JavaScript Optimization

Automatically bundles JavaScript files optimizing your pages to minimize the number of network connections and ensure even third party resources won’t slow down page rendering.

Accelerated Mobile Links

Accelerated Mobile Links, powered by AMP technology, activates AMP-enabled links across your entire website, loading them 3-5x faster than normal mobile pages.

Cache Header Optimization

Automatically adjusts the cache header instructions so browsers will correctly cache the resources of a site to minimize the need for new requests.

Local Storage Caching

Uses local storage on modern browsers and mobile devices to intelligently cache the objects needed to best render your site.


The latest version of HTTP speeds up content delivery with multiplexing, header compression, stream priority and more.

Server Push

HTTP/2 Server Push allows a server or edge network to send assets to the browser before it even asks for them.


On-the-fly removal of unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Saves 20% of a file’s size and works without caching so it can support even fully dynamic pages.

TLS 1.3

Transportation Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 reduces latency and removes insecure features of TLS, making HTTPS more secure and performant than any previous version of TLS and its non-secure counterpart, HTTP.

Browser Optimization

Automatically adjusts the way content is delivered based on the particular device accessing the site to maximize speed without affecting the site’s look or features.

Automatic Content Caching

As standard, Recwebs websites automatically caches static resources including JavaScript, CSS and images.

Aggressive GZIP

Reduces the size of all your resources and delivers them compressed even through lazy firewalls that incorrectly claim browsers don’t support GZIP.

Opportunistic Encryption

Provides HTTP-only domains the benefits of encryption and web optimization features only available when using TLS.

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