Top topics for your recruitment website blog

Have you got writer’s block? Stuck for ideas on what topics to write for your recruitment website blog? Whether you’re just starting a blog or simply need fresh inspiration, you, first of all, need to think about what you want to achieve from your blog.

Increased traffic to your website, new leads, greater exposure, heightened branding, an establishment of industry knowledge and authority, quality applications to your jobs – all are possible with a good blog. You then need to think about what you can write about that will engage both clients and candidates in order to grab their attention, keep it there and persuade them to explore your website. Regularly updated, relevant and interesting content will improve your search rankings so we have pulled together a list of top article subjects to save you time and boost your blog power.

For candidates…

Top tips to ace an interview

The entire recruitment process can be incredibly stressful for candidates, especially in a candidate-heavy market where competition for jobs is stiff. Help guide them through the process by offering advice on best practice. Video interviews will be new to many and require a slightly different approach so ensure you include tips on how to navigate this different method of interviewing.

How to stand out from the competition

Branding isn’t just for businesses – curating a strong personal brand will help candidates to distinguish themselves from other applicants, something that is especially important when the number of applications per job is still high. Offer advice on how to highlight vital transferrable skills and relevant experience – this is where a candidate may differ from the dozens of others that hold the same qualifications as them.

The pros and cons of temporary jobs vs. permanent jobs

Highlighting the differences between each type of contract and how they both have their benefits and disadvantages can help a candidate decide what is best for their current situation or possibly leave them open to all opportunities. Often a candidate isn’t aware of what temporary or contract roles really involve. Be totally honest in your appraisal of each and you will garner trust.

For clients…

Does your employer branding attract talent? 

Employer branding is vital, especially while so many candidates are unable to visit a physical office. As a recruiter, you will know what your candidates want to see from an employer – and how much that has changed over the past few years. Offer tips such as ensuring diversity and inclusion is prominent, that the importance of wellbeing and mental health is stressed and that flexible working policies are in place.  

How to increase employee retention

The ultimate aim for employers when recruiting is to retain top talent for as long as possible. Although the process ends for a recruiter with a successful hire, that is only the start for an employer and a new employee. From onboarding and orientation to employee benefits, to career progression and training, there are a number of ways employers can help to retain their staff – and who better to advise them than a recruiter who talks to potential employees looking to find that perfect job every day?

How recruiters can help you to find top talent

With online avenues for direct recruitment expanding, clients need to be reminded of the true value of recruiters. Spell out what you can do to help your clients source and find quality candidates efficiently so that no time is wasted. Explain the ways in which you have access to candidates that perfectly fit their criteria. Elucidate the expertise you have in the industry and the job market. Tell clients why they need you.

For both candidates and clients…

Trending industry topics

These should be written whenever something newsworthy occurs that affects the industry you recruit for and could be published on an ad hoc basis or as a bi-weekly or monthly round-up. The important thing is that you show both clients and candidates that you have your finger on the pulse, that you are experts in your field and knowledgeable about current trends and hot topics.

How to create a winning LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is used by more professionals than ever before, with its membership reaching 722 million in the third quarter of 2020. Many candidates check business profiles before deciding whether to apply and employers will often look at a candidate’s profile to learn more about them. It is therefore essential that LinkedIn profiles are up to date and reflect the values of the company and the experience and quality of the candidate. Recruiters have had to become LinkedIn experts so offer some guidance as to what makes a stand-out profile from both perspectives.

A regular blog can help your recruitment website to generate leads and convert those leads into solid new business and applications from quality candidates. Write about topics that your clients and candidates will find interesting and helpful, remember to include keywords, and share those blogs on appropriate social media platforms and you will see your blog’s ROI increase manifold. 

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