Exciting News: RecWebs is becoming WaveSites!
With the Wave rebrand we will soon transition RecWebs to a new identity that better reflects Wave’s vision. New website coming soon.

How to make your recruitment website work hard for you during Coronavirus

recruitment website

Your recruitment website can and should be so much more than just a digital portal to post jobs – and this has never been more true than during these very challenging times. Your website should promote your brand, build trust, communicate interesting and relevant content, streamline your recruitment process, improve your candidate experience, capture key […]

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Best practices for recruitment websites

Best practices for websites

What do you think a recruitment website should offer? What are the recruitment websites best practices you should implement? Twenty years ago that might have just been a list of jobs and some contact information but that is far from the case now. You need to see your recruitment website as a tool to enforce […]

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Recruitment website design trends to watch in 2020

Recruitment website design trends to watch for in 2020

Think about the websites you’ve viewed over the past year. Chances are the ones that provide a positive user experience through an easy-to-use interface and great design will stick in your mind. The badly designed ones probably will too but for the wrong reasons. Knowing what recruitment website design trends you should watch for can […]

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