Exciting News: RecWebs is becoming WaveSites!
With the Wave rebrand we will soon transition RecWebs to a new identity that better reflects Wave’s vision. New website coming soon.

How to write content for recruitment websites

write content for recruitment websites

Content is key. Often your recruitment website is the first contact a candidate or potential client will have with your agency and first impressions count. Ensure your copy is relevant, error-free, engaging, compelling and performs well in searches. Ultimately, your content should bring traffic to your website and sell your recruitment agency to all who […]

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Best practices for recruitment websites

Best practices for websites

What do you think a recruitment website should offer? What are the recruitment websites best practices you should implement? Twenty years ago that might have just been a list of jobs and some contact information but that is far from the case now. You need to see your recruitment website as a tool to enforce […]

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How to drive traffic to your recruitment website

drive traffic to your website

Do you want to drive more traffic to your recruitment website but feel unsure where to start? You are certainly not alone. According to 2018 research, there are close to 40,000 registered recruitment agencies in the UK so how do you increase traffic to your recruitment website in such a crowded arena? Unfortunately, it’s a […]

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