How to write content for recruitment websites

write content for recruitment websites

Content is key. Often your recruitment website is the first contact a candidate or potential client will have with your agency and first impressions count. Ensure your copy is relevant, error-free, engaging, compelling and performs well in searches. Ultimately, your content should bring traffic to your website and sell your recruitment agency to all who […]

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How to ensure your recruitment website stands out from the crowd

recruitment website stands out

There are tens of thousands of recruitment businesses operating in the UK and the vast majority of them will have a website. How do you make sure your recruitment website stands out in a crowded market? What can you do to ensure that candidates and clients land on your website and decide to stay? Great […]

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How to ensure your hero image is a true recruitment website hero

website hero image

A thoughtfully chosen hero image can grab attention, reduce your recruitment website’s bounce rate, boost your branding, increase applications and build trust. It can, in short, save your website from being yet another ‘click and click away’ in a candidate’s or potential client’s journey to finding their ideal job or recruiter. Not bad for a single image. But […]

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How to use colour psychology to your advantage on your recruitment website

colour psychology

There are a number of practical elements to consider when designing a recruitment website – intuitive navigation, an easy-to-search jobs page and optimised copy, amongst others. However, there is another element that many overlook. The colours used in your website design are crucial and not just from a branding perspective but as a form of […]

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How to repurpose content on your recruitment website to build an engaging newsletter

recruitment newsletter

We’ve talked before about utilising and repurposing content on your website for social media. A regular newsletter is another way to make the most of the content you work hard to produce. A great email newsletter can increase your database, engage candidates and clients, build your brand and instil trust and loyalty in your readers. […]

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How to ensure your recruitment website attracts clients

how to attract customers to your website

Recruitment businesses need both clients and quality candidates to be successful but does your recruitment website attract candidates and clients equally? Often recruitment websites are more heavily geared towards candidates. It’s easy to see why. A lot of effort is put into creating an optimised jobs page to attract candidates. As a recruiter, you are constantly on […]

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How to drive traffic to your recruitment website

drive traffic to your website

Do you want to drive more traffic to your recruitment website but feel unsure where to start? You are certainly not alone. According to 2018 research, there are close to 40,000 registered recruitment agencies in the UK so how do you increase traffic to your recruitment website in such a crowded arena? Unfortunately, it’s a […]

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