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Recruitment website design trends to watch in 2020

Think about the websites you’ve viewed over the past year. Chances are the ones that provide a positive user experience through an easy-to-use interface and great design will stick in your mind. The badly designed ones probably will too but for the wrong reasons. Knowing what recruitment website design trends you should watch for can give you an advantage.

Creatively designed websites that ensure a great user experience will impact positively on a brand, engendering trust in your company. Both clients and jobseekers will be more likely to choose you if your website is well-designed, is utilising recruiting features and functionalities at its core, and looks appealing. And in a crowded industry, your website needs to stand out for all the right reasons to get you noticed. We show you how:

Ossela's recruitment website features advanced functionalities

Advanced functionalities

A unique and creative design is important but if your recruitment website doesn’t have advanced functionalities at its core, it won’t offer recruiters the tools they need to attract the right traffic and convert visits into applications and eventually hires. Advanced job listings to streamline the process and target the right talent and advanced recruitment SEO to ensure your website climbs to the top of search engine rankings are key to a successful recruitment website.   

Synergy Recruitment website has integrated social media feeds

Social media integration

Ignore the power of social media at your peril. People spend a huge amount of time on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, especially millennials. Social media is the easiest way to reach out to passive candidates, those currently employed and/or not actively searching but open to job opportunities. It is also a way to connect with a demographic that spends several hours a day on social media sites. Building in powerful social media integration tools into your recruitment website will make it easier for you to share jobs, for candidates to apply for them, and to reach out to a wider talent pool.

Procurex Search website is higly optimised for mobile

Ultra-mobile friendly

While ensuring your website is mobile-compatible has been a must for a few years, going that little step further in making it ultra mobile-friendly is a relatively new concept. Research suggests that websites should now be designed with mobiles in mind before any other device. Searches using a mobile-first outnumbered those undertaken on a desktop device back in 2015 and Google has favoured mobile-friendly sites for a good two years.

Taking the idea of mobile-friendly to a new level, many designers are now thinking specifically about how we navigate with a mobile phone and ensuring their sites are compatible with that. The way most of us use our smartphones on websites is by scrolling through with our thumbs so to ensure your recruitment website is easy to navigate it must be thumb-friendly. Important bars, menus and buttons should be in the central area of a phone’s screen where the thumb can easily reach. Do this and you will help to create a positive user experience.

Talentshed features a minimal design


Less is more in 2020. Minimalist websites offer clean-cut design and white space to help content more easily stand out and simplify the user experience. Using just one, clear hero image on your recruitment website’s homepage can help to sell your brand, in turn encouraging potential clients to trust you with their recruiting needs and jobseekers to choose you to help find them positions. Minimalism can be incorporated into every aspect of your website, including homepage, navigation and graphics.

When it comes to recruitment website design, it’s important to consider trends rather than fads – design and functionality with staying power that will help you to deliver results in your bid to attract talent. Choose an experienced recruitment website design company who will tailor your site to your needs and you will get just that. 

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