Authority Stack


This product is even more powerful than our Authority Foundation structure as we’ve doubled up on Tier 1, 2 & 3 links. This, of course, creates more link equity for your target site and should be used when “full throttle” is needed.

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This is our most powerful link structure, perfect for giving your site a noticeable boost and dose of fresh links supported by multiple tiers. All Tier 1 properties are created with 100% unique, high-quality content from our writers.

An order of our Authority Stack includes:

  • Tier 1: 10 High DA web 2.0 authority properties & 10 Manual Social Bookmarks (These are low volume, high quality manual social bookmark submissions to quality sites, each with unique titles and descriptions. These bookmarks are NF links which is how the sites operate, but they hold solid value.)
  • Tier 2: 12-20 High DA web 2.0 properties, 100 Social Bookmarks, 100 Forum Signature Links, 300 Social Network Links posts, 150 Wiki-Based Article Links, 100 Article Submission Links, 100 Blog Comments on Social Networking sites, 100 Article links on Document Sharing Sites.
  • Tier 3: 30K Blog comments spread for Tier 2 Links, Submission to Speed Links (Premium Indexing Service), Submission to (Another Premium Indexing Serviced based on GSA API).

Key Options: Can add generic anchors on tiers 2 & 3 to naturalize the link profile. Can be re-ordered automatically (auto-pilot).

Reporting: We send multiple reports to you which details each layer of linking, including exact URLs where possible. We also include logins/passwords for all Tier 1 properties.

Ordering Notes:

Article Keyword: Our writers will produce a quality article on the keyphrase you enter into this field.

Description: This description should describe the content of your URL so that we can use it for the social bookmarks and other areas of the tiered linking structure.