Longman Tax Recruit

The sole focus for Longman Tax Recruit is advising and recruiting tax professionals in the north of England and so key to their recruitment website design was images of immediately recognisable northern landmarks. Branding was also important, as was a clear user journey for both clients and candidates.

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Longman Tax Recruit’s USP is their degree of specialism, helping them to gain an unrivalled knowledge of the local tax marketplace, which is why they didn’t want stock images of people and tax-related symbols but stand-out images of the northern landscapes and cityscapes. We took the green and red from their logo as accent colours for visual effect. The tree from the logo is also a running theme, representing growth and new beginnings, as well as a playful nod to a money tree. We ensured the CTAs were clear right from the homepage to take clients and candidates on the correct journeys.

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