Our client promise

At Wave, we value all of our clients. 

We commit to keeping our promises, whatever it takes. 

Our relationship with our clients is of paramount importance to us. 

To prove we mean business we have created our Wave Promise. 

This is a set of commitments that guide all who work at Wave and ensure we never lose sight of what matters most to us – our clients. We may not always be perfect but we constantly strive for excellence and we believe that making promises that we can keep will help us to achieve that.

The Wave Promise is founded on the following commitments:

Understanding your business, its values and its ambitions

We will strive to fully understand what you need both from a technical and culture fit perspective and we will make honest recommendations after taking the pulse of your business.

Keeping you informed

The team at Wave takes client communication extremely seriously. We will respond to all client enquiries within 24 hours. For any ongoing issue, we will keep you updated you and let you know when it has been resolved.

Clear and concise communication

Even though we love technology, we’ll give you answers in plain English whenever we can. 

Outstanding Client Service

We take our aim of being the market leader in talent attraction seriously. Part of that is to deliver an industry-leading service to all of clients. This involves honesty, reliability and the ability to listen and act accordingly. If we think something won’t work for you, we’ll say so.

Making promises we can keep

When we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it. If you give us a budget, we’ll keep to it. If there any delays we’ll tell you as soon as possible and get it sorted.

We’re aiming to be the market leader in talent attraction technologies.

At Wave, we keep our promises.