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How the Facebook outage underlines the importance of support for your recruitment website

The global outage recently suffered by Facebook shows just how important quality website support is for any business, big or small. In the event of a malfunction, it is essential that you have a support team on hand to solve the issue – and fast. 

Monday, October 5th was a quiet afternoon for social media and messaging as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp all experienced a global outage. The platforms were down for close to six hours in total. Not a big deal if you’re just a casual user but for the huge community of people and businesses that depend on the platforms, it was a blow. Facebook itself also suffered. The platform’s share price dropped 4.9% and founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth took a tumble. 

Why is this relevant to your recruitment website? It highlights the vital importance of ongoing support and maintenance. If Facebook, with all their resources and access to support, still went down for 6 hours, how would an unsupported website fare? Would you know what to do if your website went down, or if any of your pages weren’t working as they should? As a recruiter and not a developer, there’s no reason you should. However, any downtime could mean loss of revenue and a damaged reputation so you need to ensure that a dedicated support team are on hand to ensure your website’s health and to quickly respond to any emergencies. 

A 24/7 world

We live in an era of 24/7 connectivity. At any point of the day or night, candidates could be searching for jobs and clients could be looking for a new recruiter. Any time your website is down could mean the loss of potential talent and clients. All RecWebs website clients have the reassurance that should anything go wrong, there is a dedicated client support manager to help get you back online pronto. The benefits of having quality tech support to hand cannot be underestimated in an age when being down for any period of time can have serious consequences. 

Security is paramount

The pandemic has fast-tracked digital onboarding and with increased digital use comes increased security threats. Cybersecurity is more important now than ever before. It is vital that you have the support of a tech team who will perform regular updates and security checks to ensure your website is protected. This is particularly important for businesses like recruitment agencies who will be capturing sensitive personal data. A data breach could be devastating. 

Reputation and branding

Your website is your online identity and will be the means by which many will first ‘meet’ you. If your website is down that first contact will never be made and may never be made in the future as that visitor will swiftly move on to a competitor’s website that is working. Potential clients may be lost, applications not made, talent registered with another recruiter. It will also affect your branding and reputation. How many times have you dismissed a company because their website was clunky, outdated or not working? Your website is your online representation and if it doesn’t work well or at all for any point of time, that doesn’t reflect well on your business. 

Regular maintenance

Like cars, websites need to be looked after and maintained in order to continue to run effectively. This might be in the form of updates to code and plugins, security measures, or complying with search engine guidelines. It might be do with page and content additions. Your website is not a static entity, it will require ongoing updates and changes. Technology also moves at a ferocious speed and keeping up with that can be a full time job. We appreciate that your website is not your full time job and not your primary day to day concern. A dedicated support team will maintain your website for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

The RecWebs support promise

Providing continued support for RecWebs clients is a major part of our service once your website goes live. As part of your monthly subscription with RecWebs, you get a dedicated support team who are here to help. The support our RecWebs clients receive operates via a support ticketing system, whereby all queries and tickets can be logged depending on severity levels. This enables you to log an issue and flag it so that the support team can respond accordingly. In this way, serious issues are dealt with as quickly as possible and we never miss a query. The RecWebs team is always a support ticket, email or phone call away to help with any enquires or questions. Our aim is to make sure your website constantly attracts the right talent and that is only possible with our continuous support to maintain your website and help with any site changes.

Website support is vital, whatever the size of your recruitment agency. Any downtime, faults or issues can be hugely detrimental to the reputation of your business. And in terms of time efficiency, security and expertise, a dedicated support team is unparalleled.  

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