How to make your recruitment website work hard for you during Coronavirus

Your recruitment website can and should be so much more than just a digital portal to post jobs – and this has never been more true than during these very challenging times. Your website should promote your brand, build trust, communicate interesting and relevant content, streamline your recruitment process, improve your candidate experience, capture key data and, crucially, reach out to candidates and clients alike. Whilst people are the lifeblood of a recruitment company, your recruitment website should be the digitally beating heart of it, communicating and showcasing each part of who you are and what you can offer.  When faced with such uncertainty, you need your website to work hard for you so maximise its potential to help your recruitment company stand out for all the right reasons.

  • Helpful content

    We are all at sea at the moment and, with new measures coming into force with speed and daily advice given, it is hard to know where we stand as a business and as an industry. This is where you can help. Make your website a portal for news and advice on how the latest information affects both candidates and clients. Whether you have a page dedicated to blogs, articles and insights or you simply have a space on your homepage, take the time to post interesting and helpful content. Link to relevant government advice and industry articles or, if you can write your own content. Not only will this boost your ranking on search engines, but it will also help to drive traffic to your website and hopefully keep it coming back. Be the recruitment company to offer help and advice and you will build trust and brand enhancement.

  • Link to social media

    Social media platforms are experiencing a surge of activity right now. With the ability to socialise or meet in person being completely taken away from us, we are turning to social media in our droves. There has never been a better time to make relationships and attract talent through social recruiting on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Meet your audience where they are. Share content, communicate company culture and make it easy for candidates to both share your jobs and apply for them through social media. Make sure visitors know where to go and how to share by ensuring your social icons are visible on your website pages. Building in social media integration to your website will allow candidates to share jobs on social media by clicking social share buttons and you could make it possible for them to apply via their social media accounts with smart integrations.

  • Reach out

    Consider posting a statement, or perhaps several, on your website outlining how you as a company are operating during Coronavirus. It is worth considering adding a page that is dedicated to Coronavirus-related news and updates, with a highly visible, easy to click button, bar or link at the top of your homepage. If you’re all working from home, explain how that works and how it will affect clients and candidates. If you are now interviewing via video conferencing tools or other digital platforms, elucidate to the candidates what this means and communicate how you will let them know and by what means you will send instructions. Above all, reassure clients and candidates alike that you are continuing to operate business as usual but in a different capacity. Use your website to keep everybody informed of any changes made – these are the things people will remember and appreciate when business starts to return to normal.

These are strange and difficult times for us all, not least the recruitment industry. Your recruitment website is of course an essential vessel for posting jobs but it can be so much more than that and right now we all need to use every weapon in our arsenal and maximise their worth. Absolutely ensure that you are following best practices for recruitment websites so that your website performs at its best for all users but also utilise your website to communicate to the outside world at a time when we are all feeling a little cut-off and confused.

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