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How to increase conversions through your contact page

If you listed the most important pages on your recruitment website you’d probably mention the homepage, jobs page, client and candidate pages, possibly the about us or blog pages – but would you think of the contact page?

It may not be the most exciting page on your website but your contact page is vitally important. 

Your contact page is where potential clients and candidates can begin the first lines of communication with you, where the journey from website visitor to client or registered candidate might begin. Where you can solidly make those conversions. It is also crucial from an SEO point of view, particularly for local recruitment agencies where the location may form part of a searcher’s query on search engines.

We look at easily actionable ways you can improve your contact page to the benefit of your website and your business as a whole.

Ensure the layout is clear and uncluttered

Keep your contact page simple and clutter-free. Visitors come to a contact page for one thing – to contact you. There should be no other information on the page so that contact details can be easily found. This is particularly important for mobile devices when screen space is tight.

Add a contact form

A contact form allows you to capture data and makes it easy for users to quickly make contact right from the page they’re on. It is therefore essential that the form itself is also quick to fill out and easy to use. Avoid too many fields as this can be a deterrent.

  • Ask users to fill out just the most important information – name, email address, phone number and space for their enquiry.
  • Ensure that the form is mobile responsive. For example, that labels aren’t lost and that there is enough space in between each field.
  • Finally, it’s always worth creating a short confirmation message that the form was successfully sent or you may end up with duplicate enquiries.
Example of a contact form on a recruitment website
Refined Global Recruitment website features a contact form for easy contact submissions

Make your phone and email information clickable

Again, make it easy for your user by turning your contact information into clickable links so that they can call or email you instantly without having to type anything in, something that is particularly useful for mobile users. This also ensures that the correct contact information is used.

Incorporate Google Maps

Embedding a Google Map onto your contact page not only makes it simple for users to find your exact address and directions to it but is vital for local SEO.

Set up a Google My Business profile and add structured data to your website for the best local search results, allowing anyone searching for recruitment businesses in your area to find you. An interactive Google Map also reassures visitors that you are a real business with a solid location.

Example of a Google Map integration in a recruitment website
Movement8 features a Google map displaying the locations of their multiple offices

Add social media links

Allow visitors to quickly connect to your social pages by including links to all of your social profiles on your contact page. This increases your online presence and gives immediate access to those who prefer to connect and engage with businesses this way or want to see what you do through a different lens.

Don’t forget to add a meta title and description

Many people ignore the meta title and description on their contact page because it doesn’t contain as much content as other pages but they are essential for every page in order to optimise the page for search engines.

What you write or don’t write will determine what users see in the search results page. You want to ensure it is relevant so that Google picks it up but also so that users feel compelled to click on it.

Keep it up to date

This should be obvious but it’s surprising how often this gets missed following a move or other business alteration. If any of your contact details change, update your contact page immediately or you could end up losing potential clients and talent. And don’t forget to tell Google by editing your Business Profile.

Make it easy to find

Avoid any creative names for your contact page as this just makes it harder for users and Google to find it. Keep it simple – there’s nothing wrong with ‘Contact’ or ‘Contact Us’ – and add it to both the header and footer menus. 

Your contact page should be easy to find both internally and through search engines, as well as being clutter-free with clear, to-the-point information. Visitors come to the contact page for one reason – to contact you. Don’t fall at the last hurdle by making that difficult.

Make the layout intuitive and functional, the design consistent with the rest of the site, and let all the hard work you’ve put into your website pay off by making it easy for visitors to contact you.

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