How can a recruitment website design agency help your business?

There are tens of thousands of recruitment businesses in the UK alone. How can you ensure you have the edge over your competitors? What will make employers and candidates choose you? As a vital piece of your recruitment marketing campaign, your recruitment website can make or break you.

It is often the first contact a potential client or candidate will have with you so it needs to immediately impress, be easy to navigate, provide the information visitors are looking for, function well, and offer an advanced job search. To achieve all that you need a specialist recruitment website design agency who understands the recruitment industry and what is needed for a recruitment website to provide the results you need.

Specialist recruitment website design is vital

Recruitment websites require features and functionalities that are unique to the industry, for example advanced job search, job alerts, a candidate registration portal, CRM and multi-poster integrations and a candidate management tool.

A generalist web design agency won’t have in-depth knowledge of the industry, recruitment website data, or what a great recruitment website needs to perform well, increase conversions and boost talent attraction.

Some elements will be universal to all websites – SEO, quality copy and design, knowledge of page load speeds and what affects them, intuitive navigation and positive user experiences. However, website design and build companies that specialise in the recruitment industry will recognise the importance of incorporating all of the following elements into recruitment websites:   

Advanced job search   

The most obvious example of a recruitment website needing specialist design is the job search function. It’s often the first page a candidate will seek out when landing on your website so is crucial from a talent attraction and acquisition point of view. An advanced job search is vital, offering filters such as category, job type, location, salary and keyword or tag to help candidates easily find any suitable jobs, saving them time and leaving a positive impression of your recruitment business. 

Google for Jobs optimisation

Job listings should be optimised to cleanly and clearly display the description, meta data and company information. Not only will this make them easier for candidates to read and understand, it will help Google for Jobs find and rank your jobs. Given how valuable Google for Jobs is as a source of organic candidate applications, this is a must for all recruitment websites. In-built SEO tools (such as those on all RecWebs websites) will help you to do just that. There are a few steps to take, the main one being including job posting structured data in all job listings as this is what makes your jobs eligible to appear in Google’s search results for jobs. It’s also important to use and update sitemaps and make your web pages indexable.

Job alerts

Job alerts are a great way to keep candidates active and coming back to you for jobs. With a job alert function, candidates can register for job alerts to be sent to their inbox any time a job that matches their search criteria is posted on your website. They’re a popular tool amongst candidates as it saves them time and gives them a first mover advantage. You’ll benefit from being able to send jobs to candidates who are actively looking for a role matching that description. It’s a win-win.

Candidate management

An in-built candidate management system makes it easier for candidates to apply for your jobs and for you to manage them effectively. Allowing candidates to register CVs with a simple online registration form speeds up the application process and means you can create an internal talent pool. Incorporating a recruiter dashboard into your website allows you to track and manage every application that comes in, adding notes as the process moves on.

CRM & multi-poster integrations

A quality specialist recruitment website design agency will be able to integrate your multi-poster and CRM as part of your website build, giving your website extra superpowers. An intelligent job distribution and analytics tool will supercharge your recruitment website’s talent attraction and boost your ROI, particularly if it is included as part of your website package.

Your online identity

Your recruitment website is your 24 hour recruitment consultant, the online face of your company and a reflection of your business. It must therefore read well, look the part, provide a positive user experience and answer the questions most visitors will have. In that regard, it is a vital branding tool. From obvious elements such as incorporating your logo and its colours into the design to other, subtler aspects such as the tone of your copy and the types of images you choose, your website offers a fantastic opportunity to boost your branding. It is both a marketing tool and a platform on which to facilitate applications at all hours of the day and night. It is a vital part of your recruitment plan.

We live in an increasingly digital world. A strong online presence that represents your recruitment business well, allows users to easily find the information they need, communicates your values and performs as a job board is essential to compete in a fast-moving and challenging market. A specialist recruitment website design agency will ensure that your website works hard for you, increasing your talent attraction and turning visits into applications and new clients.  

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