Email Newsletters

Send professional email newsletters, track results and manage subscribers all from your website.

Image showing newsletter templates

Simple Newsletter Creation

Use the intuitive newsletter builder to select an email template and layout content. See exactly what your message will look like before clicking send. Choose from the professionally created templates or build your own.

Your business has a website, now give it a voice.

Add a Personal Touch

Use data-builder tags to pull member data into your emails for personalising newsletters. Spice up your design with headers, background images and have full control over colours.

Newsletter data-builder tags

Add and Manage Subscribers with Ease

Collect just an email address, or configure to collect a first name and let subscribers choose the group they want to join. Newsletters supports the recommended double opt-in method of subscribing and allows you to set-up a “welcome” email to be automatically sent to all new subscribers along with custom subscribe and unsubscribe pages.

Image showing newsletter admin

Sending Newsletters

To send a newsletter just pick the relevant recipients, click send and track using the progress bar. Track newsletter results, improve content and use the clone button to speed up newsletter layout for future emails.