Recruitment website candidate account pros and cons

candidate account

Candidate accounts on recruitment websites are a hotly debated topic amongst recruiters and website designers. Often this comes down to user experience versus candidate capture. However, it also depends on the way the candidate account is built and what it requires candidates to submit. A well-designed registration process that is easy to understand, plus ensures […]

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10 questions to ask before a recruitment website redesign

website redesign

Websites are not static entities. They are ever-evolving, growing with your business and your needs, as well as with time. Pages should be added when necessary, content updated, images refreshed. And there will be times when your recruitment website will need a complete design overhaul. In order to get the most out of a redesign, […]

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Why all recruitment websites should have a Meet the Team page

website team page

Recruitment is a people-powered business. Essentially, it centres around people finding people for people. It is therefore vital that your recruitment website – your primary marketing platform – has a ‘Meet the Team’ page so that clients and candidates can see your people. It makes you more approachable, instils trust and gives your company an […]

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Does your recruitment website appeal to diverse candidates?

diverse recruitment website

Recruiters have a responsibility to ensure a diverse hiring process, not just because it is the right thing to do but because countless studies have proven that it dramatically increases business profitability. A diverse workforce means diverse thought and diverse experience, leading to a boost in innovation and idea generation. No recruiter should want to […]

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Is your recruitment website accessible?

website accessibility

Your recruitment website is often the first point of contact candidates and potential clients will have with your business. If they have difficulty accessing it or viewing it, it’s likely they won’t stay long and probably won’t return. This not only affects your chances of winning new business and attracting talent, it risks tarnishing your brand and […]

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