In a candidate shortage, your recruitment website needs to work extra hard

Candidate Shortage & Recruitment Websites

It wasn’t long ago that recruiters were experiencing an influx of candidate applications as redundancies mounted and jobs fell away. We’re now experiencing the opposite problem – high jobs, low applications. WaveTrackR data for September revealed that jobs had risen to a huge 400% over the 2020 average whilst applications had dropped for the third […]

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How to ensure your hero image is a true recruitment website hero

A thoughtfully chosen hero image can grab attention, reduce your recruitment website’s bounce rate, boost your branding, increase applications and build trust. It can, in short, save your website from being yet another ‘click and click away’ in a candidate’s or potential client’s journey to finding their ideal job or recruiter. Not bad for a single image. But […]

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The top 10 web analytics stats to monitor on your recruitment website

Tracking the performance of your recruitment website is vital in order to assess how successful it is in achieving the goals you have set out for it, such as driving traffic, keeping visitors there and converting visits to applications. The results will indicate whether there are any areas for improvement and therefore whether anything needs […]

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