If you’re a recruiter, marketing your agency today is all about connectivity and engagement through reviews and applicant feedback. Gone are the days where a static website with a link to a rather sparse Twitter or Facebook feed is going to get you noticed.

Millennials already make up about 35% of the workforce, and that percentage is only going to increase with each passing year. Millennials were born into the information age, and they want engagement, genuine interaction and quick results.

If you want to attract more top talent into your agency pipeline and talent pool, you’ve got to focus on engagement and meeting candidates in their zone. And that all begins with having a quality agency brand.

Reviews and applicant feedback online is what really matters

Of course, it feels good to get a call or an email from a candidate you’ve just placed thanking you for your efforts in helping them secure a new career opportunity. But that’s not going to gain your agency any ground against your competitors.

You want good reviews and applicant feedback online in the public domain so that it becomes a real reference for your agency’s professionalism and credibility. More and more people today check out a service provider or supplier online before they engage with them.

You want your agency to have a robust online presence with lots of good reviews and applicant feedback so that you can attract top talent and more clients. It’s not only candidates that check out agencies online, but clients do it too. If clients see that your agency has plenty of positive reviews, they’ll feel more comfortable entrusting their placement requirements with you.

Your agency brand begins with the right website, but it’s more than that!

Start by spending some time figuring out what your agency brand actually is. Be honest; you don’t want to be part of the crowd, you want to stand out from the crowd. What are your specialities, what type of clients do you want to attract and what kind of candidate do you want in your talent pool?

Get your whole team together for a brainstorming session and find your agency’s identity.
That done, you need to come up with a marketing and advertising strategy that will put your agency out there so that you can start attracting more talent. This could be the tricky bit though because you’re a specialist at attracting the right candidates to meet your clients’ requirements, not an advertising expert.

This is the point at which you need to consult with an advertising agency that specialises in the recruitment sector. Don’t go it alone! You’ll waste too much time trying to work out what’s best. Advertising agencies already know what works and what doesn’t because they keep abreast of trends in the recruitment industry all the time.

Once you’ve identified your agency brand, it’s time to get online so that reviews and applicant feedback can start working for you.

3 Steps to get reviews and applicant feedback online

Once your recruitment website is live, you need to expand your presence and engagement. These 3 steps will get out there:

1. Create multiple spaces to interact with applicants:

Firstly, make sure that your website has a feedback page that’s interactive. Also, create social media accounts that are linked to your site and post regularly to these accounts. If an applicant leaves a comment on your website or any of your social media accounts, negative or positive, respond as soon as possible. Preferably on the same day, but at least within 24 hours.

Yes, that means that you’re monitoring your pages all the time through alerts, but that’s the ways business works today. Many social media sites list the response time; you don’t want to be sitting there as 10 days, or almost never!

By the way, if you respond well to negative feedback, it can actually enhance your agency brand. If you’ve messed up, admit it. Offer an apology and a solution or a gesture of goodwill. Only responding to positive reviews and applicant feedback will cast a shadow that you don’t want over your agency brand.

2. Post valuable content:

It’s crucial that you keep the content of your recruitment website and your social media content interesting and interactive. Add a blog to your site where you can post informative articles and link them to your social media accounts. Also regularly post and share interesting information on social media that will be of value to your followers.

If you’re only going to post open vacancies on your website and social media accounts you won’t gain a following. That’s what job boards are for. However, if you regularly post valuable information, you’ll attract followers. You could even attract passive candidates who aren’t active in the job market now, but who will trust your agency brand when they’re looking to make a change.

3. Ask for reviews and applicant feedback:

If you don’t ask you won’t get! Many people intend to give a review, but then time moves on, and they forget. Don’t feel awkward about asking either a client or an applicant for a review or feedback.

If the candidate or client complies (and actually most people will), respond immediately and don’t hesitate to share positive reviews or feedback on your social media accounts. There’s a growing need among people today for interaction, and most people trust reviews.

Also, don’t hesitate to give good reviews first. If your clients have platforms where you can leave an honest and appropriate review, do it. You can also (with prior consent) congratulate candidates on social media for new appointments, achievements and promotions.

Don’t get left behind. If you’re still using old school recruitment methods, you’re not going to attract more talent. Get professional advice to get your agency online and engaged, build brand loyalty and watch your talent pool grow.