5 free ways to promote your recruitment website online

You are the proud owner of a professionally designed recruitment website packed with recruitment features and functionalities and are ready to attract more talent… but how do you do that? How do you utilise your recruitment website to its fullest potential?

You need to promote your website online so that both candidates and clients find you. Think that means digging into your marketing budget again? It doesn’t have to. We outline the best free ways to get your website the exposure it deserves and maximise your ROI.


Without implementing SEO on your website, all other promotional activities will fall flat. Optimising your website for search engines is the number one thing you need to attend to, or you won’t be found. How?

Ensure your pages have the appropriate heading tags (so Google can understand the page structure), add meta titles and descriptions, insert alt tags on images, and include keyword-rich, regularly updated content. Your aim is for your website to be as high up on those search results pages as possible, and you can only do that by paying attention to SEO throughout your website – from the structure to meta descriptions to the freshness of the content to the words themselves. An in-built SEO tool will help to implement best practices. Get this right, and you’ll enjoy consistent traffic to your website, making it the best tactic for long-term results.

Blogs & vlogs

Writing a regular blog or even shooting a series of vlogs will help to promote your website in a multitude of ways. Firstly, Google rewards fresh content so that it will rank higher on the results page. Secondly, a blog or vlog is a great way to promote your news and your business as a whole. A well written, relevant blog article can establish you as a thought leader in your industry, boosting your brand and reputation. Vlogs can add more personality to your content, conveying so much more with visual clues, body language and tone of voice.

A blog or vlog is a great way to be found online, and a good one creates instant trust. You can link to your blog through your social media channels (more on that later) or upload your vlog directing to your socials, thereby increasing your reach. Perhaps even consider getting it published on a recruiter blog or online magazine. You’ll establish and grow your presence in your industry and make connections, hopefully too. Just make sure that all roads lead back to your website.

Social media

Sharing and repurposing your content on and for social media extends your reach, maximises the potential of your content and offers a way to engage with a wide range of both candidates and clients. As a professional network, LinkedIn is great for professional pieces, whether thought-led, industry news, business news, or exciting new vacancies. Twitter is excellent for short, punchy posts – if you have an image or statistical chart relating to the post, even better. Facebook is more informal and less business-focused, so bear that in mind when posting – keep your posts to people news, events and anything light-hearted. 

To extend your reach even further, consider encouraging your employees to be active on social media too. Employees can be your best brand ambassadors. According to research undertaken by EveryoneSocial, employees have five times more reach than corporate accounts. Make it easy for your recruiters to share your website content by providing resources that they can pick and post. Recruiters are natural marketeers, and most will happily do this but also encourage them to post their own content, from exciting jobs to interview tips. Whatever it is, ensure they always link back to the website.

Online media

Get in touch with local and national online newspapers and magazines and offer to write an article / take part in a webinar / be interviewed. Some will only allow published content if you advertise with them, but others are happy to include relevant content for free. The best thing to do is to contact all of the relevant media with a short pitch, offering high-quality, relevant content that their readers will find valuable. After all, they can only say no!

Reciprocal linking

Advance warning – this is a tactic that is highly divisive in the SEO world. However, executed well can be a great way to increase quality traffic to your website.

Arranging for other websites to link to yours (and for you to return the ‘favour’) can be great from a search engine point of view as well as for general exposure but needs to be approached carefully. Choose trusted, high-ranking, high-quality websites, and you show the search engines that your website too can be trusted, leading to a higher ranking. 

Partner with authoritative websites, or you could actively hurt your search engine ranking. A guest blog or vlog, as mentioned previously, works well for this. Create relevant links, use keywords but don’t spam by over-stuffing keywords into the links, and don’t produce too many in one go, or you risk being banned. Who to approach? Businesses that relate to yours but that aren’t direct competitors are ideal reciprocal linking partners. What you always need to be asking yourself is, “does the link and the content it links to provide value to the reader?” If the answer is “no”, then avoid it.

Promoting your website online is essential to ensure candidates and clients find it. If you only do one thing on this list, make it SEO – the tactic that is guaranteed to boost traffic to your website. 

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